Cost of Living

Student Income

Each graduate student admitted to the GBCB program at Virginia Tech receives an assistantship with monthly pay which totals between $22,000 and $30,000 per year depending on the fellowship or assistantship they receive.


Annual Expenses

School and living costs total about $17,800 per year:

  • Tuition: Paid
  • Health Insurance: Paid
  • Fees: About $800 per year. See University Fees, bottom of page
  • Books and supplies: $400
  • Room and board: $10,800 (see below for details)
  • State and Federal taxes on stipend: ~~15%
  • Gym/Fitness Membership: Paid
  • Miscellaneous Personal Expenses: $4,200 (without a car)


Monthly Expenses

Here is a break down of typical apartment and food costs (room and board) in Blacksburg for one month:

One bedroom apartment: $400-800 per month. See the Virginia Tech Off-Campus Housing page for specific listings  by price, area and features, floor plans, and pictures. (You can register for the site as a guest.)  Many apartments will approve pets. Many apartment complexes in Blacksburg offer special deals to get you into the unit- search in Google for local apartment managers or use Craigslist (New River Valley Apts).

  • Shared 2 or 3 bedroom apartments will be less expensive.
  • Utilities, internet hookup, cable, phone: $150; sometimes utilities, internet, and/or cable included in rent
  • Food and beverages: $300
  • City Transit System, Blacksburg Transit: free. Use the map on the website to plot the best places to live and ride.
  • Car expenses, insurance, gas: $150. Car payment?
  • Miscellaneous: $200


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